Setting up Flower monitoring on OpenShift

  1. Install Flower

    echo "flower" >> requirements.txt
  2. Run Flower during your deploy

    Put the following lines to your .openshift/action_hooks/post_deploy file and redeploy the app:

    echo "Starting flower"
    python "$OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR"appsembler-launch/openshift_deploy/ celery flower --settings=openshift_deploy.settings.production --port=5445 --address=${OPENSHIFT_PYTHON_IP} --broker=redis://:${REDIS_PASSWORD}@${OPENSHIFT_REDIS_HOST}:${OPENSHIFT_REDIS_PORT}/0 >> $OPENSHIFT_PYTHON_LOG_DIR/flower.log 2>&1 &
  3. Forward ports

    On your local machine, run the following command to forward ports:

    rhc port-forward <app_name>

    Flower will be available at the adress